With extensive experience in the municipal, community development, and power and energy sectors throughout the Colorado front range, the engineering team has the experience and knowledge base that produces creative and cost-effective solutions for any civil design need. Every project presents different engineering challenges, from grading and drainage to water and wastewater capacities. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively problem solve with the client and the governing agencies, and this has proven to be a key to our success. Our engineering team prides themselves on thoughtful design that translates into thorough construction plans from which our clients can build with confidence.


Site layout & Engineering

Drainage Facilities, Studies, & Design

Roadway Design

Wastewater Collection System Design

Water Distribution Design

FEMA Floodplain Determination

FEMA Permitting,  Mitigation, & Map Amendments

Construction Plan Engineering

Grading Plans and Earthwork Estimates

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Power and Energy Permit Documents and Site Design

Due Diligence

District Cost Certifications

Business Plan Quantities and Exhibits

Town Engineer

Community Outreach


Master Planning

Park and Trail Designs


The city submittal process can be overwhelming, but working with Terracina Design alleviated all our concerns. Their experienced team seamlessly handled the complex paperwork and coordinated with the city officials, making the entire process efficient and stress-free. We are grateful for their commitment to ensuring a successful outcome.

Tim Sanford, Kings Point Investments