Dillon’s passion for landscape architecture stems from his love of the outdoors and a desire to design and create these experiences for others. He hopes his designs allow them to make meaningful and enjoyable memories of their own.

After graduating from CSU in 2016, Dillon moved to Chicago to pursue an opportunity designing high-end residential landscapes in the greater West Chicago area. The ability to work on these landscapes for others reassured him of his passion for Landscape Architecture. Eventually, the mountains called him home, and he has worked at Terracina Design for the past five years.

Dillon works as an Associate that enjoys seeing a project’s growth over time and participating in the evolution of user experience. One of his favorite things about Terracina is all the talented people that have joined over the years and the immense camaraderie among coworkers.

He loves spending his free time with his fiancé, Kylie, and his animals, Inigo Montoya (Monty) and Thor. Together, they try to absorb all the joy and beauty that they can in this crazy world.