Martin Metsker

Associate Principal

Martin has over 27 years of engineering and land surveying experience, with notable experience in master planned communities, residential, industrial, and commercial development. As a Senior Project Manager, Martin is responsible for project design elements including construction engineering, grading, site drainage, roadways, soil erosion control measures, sanitary and storm sewers, and utility design.

Martin has been working on projects in the Town of Castle Rock for 20 years. Involved in the design of public and private improvements including roadways, parks, open space, neighborhood amenities, utilities, and residential development, Martin has played an integral role in the civil design of numerous communities in the region including The Meadows, Founders Village and Terrain.

Farming and ranching, shooting sporting clays, and fly fishing provide Martin with a great work-life balance. In addition, he is actively involved in his home-town government where he sits on the Bennett Town Council and Planning Commission.